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    Our proven coaching process involves deep introspection followed by disciplined action. It is designed to help you develop new skills and improve performance in areas related to business development, professional development, leadership, client relations, strategic planning, client teams or practice group management – or any combination of the above.  Each individual is unique and will have distinct needs requiring customized solutions.

    There is an initial exploratory session to discuss the client’s professional needs. Our initial Skype meeting serves as the foundation of the coaching relationship aimed to establish a respectful professional rapport and confidentiality component. It also allows us to discuss your general goals and desired results. Having decided to work together, we’ll discuss the coaching process and schedule our first session.

    The initial aim is to help you discover, upon reflection, your inner objectives, and to encourage goal setting, planning and a defined course of action.  Through the vehicle of conversation, complex ideas and situations are vetted, goals are set, action is planned, and insightful feedback is shared.

    The Coaching module will initially take place over a four-week period but may continue thereafter. During that time, we will schedule weekly calls for a typical duration of one hour or so. We will Skype for our coaching meetings or conduct them in-person, if appropriate.