Professional athletes and teams rely on coaches to improve their performance and skill, develop their discipline and hold them accountable. Similarly, our proven leadership coaching process involves deep introspection, disciplined action and structured accountability. Coaching is designed to help managers and executives develop new skills and improve performance in business and professional development, leadership, client relations, strategic planning, client teams or practice group management, or any combination of these.

An initial confidential session, which can be achieved through online videoconferencing, helps your ECO Strategic Communications leadership coach understand your professional goals and desired results. It also serves to help you vet the process and to establish trust and rapport with your leadership coach.

Following the initial session, most leadership coaching occurs in weekly one-hour sessions, usually over four weeks, but can be longer if desired or necessary. These weekly sessions can be held online or in person and involve conversations to identify inner objectives, to evaluate complex situations, to develop goal-setting strategies and a defined course of action, and to obtain insightful feedback you can use in your professional circles.