Essentials to Consider When Upholding Your Corporate Image: How Do You Want to Be Seen?

Who is your audience?

How can you help?

Hurricane Irma recently affected many who now seek relief and normalcy. Those severely affected by the storm are looking to immediately relocate and establish temporary offices to avoid gaps in productivity.

It is true that tragedy momentarily unites. It is also true that trauma leaves an indelible mark and sometimes creates a wedge that cannot be removed. What this really means is that challenges pave the way for you to provide service and value to others.

As soon as we learned Irma posed a threat to some of our clients, we followed up with a contingency plan and agreed on a strategy going forward. Interestingly, some wanted to take advantage of the tactics while others decided to forgo the exercise. It always baffles me when professionals pay for counsel that they are not quite ready to hear. However, I will leave that troublesome observation for another day.

The question is how does a brand fulfill its commitment to everyone? Again, the mandate is to provide personalized services while generating value. Under strenuous circumstances, will you be sensitive enough to explain to a client that you will be late for a call? Or go so far as to reschedule a meeting? Perhaps doing so seems selfish but I submit to you that it may be the only viable option.

We had several clients evacuate entire teams to ensure safety and continuity. We had colleagues battle Irma stoically and communicate post-tragedy, explaining the terrible disruption while promising to reopen and regain normalcy ASAP. We are all indeed trying to stay in the zone. While you do that, consider that clients are people and they respect professionals who honor commitments and safeguard values.

The right approach to dealing with a crisis is doing what works for you and yours. If you are not at your optimal capacity, clients will know it. You owe them your best. Sometimes being your best is saying “no.” When you communicate genuinely and succinctly you can ensure trust and consistency. Doing so will give you the foresight to spot opportunities. For example, I am seeing savvy CPA firms rapidly sharing posts about recovery rules, extensions and regulations so that businesses and individuals can carry on.

After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?